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Coco Belle! - Posted 11/1/11

I love this picture.  It is of Cora at Free Art Day.  All the girls, and I volunteered with the Junior League at the October Free Art Day.  One of the cool parts was that the girls got to do the projects too.

Astara is credited with taking this awesome picture.

Balloons Over Branson Creek - Posted 11/1/11

Some great memories of my childhood involve going to hot air balloon festivals with my parents.  When my mom told me there would be balloons in Branson, I really wanted to go with all of the kids.  We made it a family event and all headed to Branson together.  We all had a great time.  Astara got some great balloon pictures, the kids got to meet a real-life princess (2011 Miss Missouri), and we got to see some our old friends from the Branson area (Michael and I lived in Branson for a few months when we were first married and we worked there for 5+ years).  I hope this becomes a yearly tradition.  I think hot air balloons are beautiful.   Because we went to the evening event, we didn't get to see the balloons launch, but they did a bunch of "burns."  They did steady burns and flicker burns.

SJCA - Mother/Son Event 2011 - Posted 11/1/11

FYI:  SJCA stands for St. Joseph Catholic Academy, the kid's school name, I don't want to write it out in every title, so that is short version.

George, Henry, and I went to Rutledge Wilson Farm.  We enjoyed lunch, a hayride, pumpkin picking, and some fun fall outdoor activities with our mother/son friends.  I thought it was really cool that we had preschool to eighth grade boys and their moms all hanging out together.



George befriending a turkey!

Homecoming 2011 - Posted 10/23/11

Here are the long awaited Homecoming pictures.  Astara and Cheyenne went to their first high school dance on October 14, 2011.  They both got awesome dresses (smashing deals at JCPenney's), pretty jewelry, and they got to have their hair all dolled up at the salon.  They looked so beautiful.  Cora also got dressed up, so we got a few pics with all three of the Dwyearson girls.

Mirror shot of Cheyenne!

Up Close Astara (sans-braces)

Our Tall Angel (with halo and all)

Model Pose! (this is my favorite)


So excited!

Kissy Sisters

Another Favorite!

Chey's Suprised Look

The Dwyearson Girls

We are in SO much trouble with these pretty girls

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