Sunday, November 30, 2014

Coco Belle! - Posted 11/1/11

I love this picture.  It is of Cora at Free Art Day.  All the girls, and I volunteered with the Junior League at the October Free Art Day.  One of the cool parts was that the girls got to do the projects too.

Astara is credited with taking this awesome picture.

Balloons Over Branson Creek - Posted 11/1/11

Some great memories of my childhood involve going to hot air balloon festivals with my parents.  When my mom told me there would be balloons in Branson, I really wanted to go with all of the kids.  We made it a family event and all headed to Branson together.  We all had a great time.  Astara got some great balloon pictures, the kids got to meet a real-life princess (2011 Miss Missouri), and we got to see some our old friends from the Branson area (Michael and I lived in Branson for a few months when we were first married and we worked there for 5+ years).  I hope this becomes a yearly tradition.  I think hot air balloons are beautiful.   Because we went to the evening event, we didn't get to see the balloons launch, but they did a bunch of "burns."  They did steady burns and flicker burns.

SJCA - Mother/Son Event 2011 - Posted 11/1/11

FYI:  SJCA stands for St. Joseph Catholic Academy, the kid's school name, I don't want to write it out in every title, so that is short version.

George, Henry, and I went to Rutledge Wilson Farm.  We enjoyed lunch, a hayride, pumpkin picking, and some fun fall outdoor activities with our mother/son friends.  I thought it was really cool that we had preschool to eighth grade boys and their moms all hanging out together.



George befriending a turkey!

Homecoming 2011 - Posted 10/23/11

Here are the long awaited Homecoming pictures.  Astara and Cheyenne went to their first high school dance on October 14, 2011.  They both got awesome dresses (smashing deals at JCPenney's), pretty jewelry, and they got to have their hair all dolled up at the salon.  They looked so beautiful.  Cora also got dressed up, so we got a few pics with all three of the Dwyearson girls.

Mirror shot of Cheyenne!

Up Close Astara (sans-braces)

Our Tall Angel (with halo and all)

Model Pose! (this is my favorite)


So excited!

Kissy Sisters

Another Favorite!

Chey's Suprised Look

The Dwyearson Girls

We are in SO much trouble with these pretty girls

Posted by Jennifer Lee Anne Pearson Dwyer!

Friday, September 30, 2011

CT Trip - Post 6 - NYC

From Attleboro to NYC was a 3.5 hour drive, we made good time.  We were actually surprised to arrive as quickly as we did.  Funny thing happened, I had input NY, NY into the GPS, so instead of taking us to Andy's apartment, it directed us to City Hall.  Michael was thrilled with me.  After a long phone call with Andy we made it to our destination.  Street parking was another funny story.  Michael and Andy ended up settling on a parking garage spot after over an hour of searching for a good street spot.  Andy was a great host, the apartment was beautiful.  We visited Central Park and Starbucks.  Here are just a few pics of our fast stop in the city.  I do have more, but they are on Michael's iPhone, I think we uploaded most of the good ones to Facebook.

This is Liam's, "I want out of this car seat", look

Nighttime view from Andy's apartment

What Liam felt like doing after he got out of the car seat

Awwww, what a cutie.  While Daddy and Andy where taking FOREVER
to look for a parking space, Liam and I had a photo shoot!

Another cool picture of the city

We ended up getting to be after 2 am, I woke up the next morning to what were apparently "normal" city noises.  Sirens, honks, etc.  We hung out at the apartment for awhile. I got brave and hit the streets of NYC to find a Starbucks.  Luckily, it was like 500 feet from Andy's apartment, so I didn't have to far.  I was very entertained by people watching while I was in very long line (by Springfield standards).  My favorite people watching memory is of a little blond haired French boy who was cleverly seeking out a site.  He charmed his way into snagging a table from a pretty lady who was getting ready to leave.  It was super cute.  After Starbucks, we headed out to Central Park for a stroll around.  We could have stayed there for hours.  The weather was perfect.  Unfortunately, we had to hit the road. We missed the kids, and were anxious to get home.  We had one more stop planned, Lima, Ohio.  Woo Hoo, Lima here we come. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

CT Trip - Post 4

Well it has been a busy couple of days.  We are currently in New York City on the 31st floor of a high rise in Manhattan, overlooking the beautiful city.  We are a few blocks from Central Park and a block away from Julliard.  With several other attractions within walking distance.  I am not at all a big city girl so this has been a little stressful for me. It is such an experience though. I couldn't pass up "living it up" with one of our best friends who has lived in NYC for 10+ years. This is the first opportunity in the past 10 years that we have been able to travel and stay with Andy in New York. He graciously invited us to come on Saturday night at the wedding of two of our other best friends, Justin & Jennifer Bartlett. 

View from Andy's terrace.

I'm going to recap the last few days and then post a few pictures.  I have over 300+ pictures from the past few days. I'm not sure how to pick out my favorite few, but I'll do my best. 

On Friday, we chilled in the morning; slept in a bit. Then, Michael did his best man duties and headed off to run errands with Justin. I stayed at the hotel and napped and cuddled the cutest baby in the world. At lunch time, Andy and I went to a nearby Asian restaurant and had a tasty meal. Next we were off to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Michael and I got a funny look into the future of what Cora may be like when she is the bride.  Jennifer was in control of the rehearsal, she knew just what she wanted to happen and just how to practice it with everyone. The rehearsal dinner was at an awesome Thai restaurant. We got to have awesome Thai iced tea and Thai beer, appetizers galore and my favorite meal was the Thai curry chicken. Justin and Jennifer gave a great toast; Justin was actually speechless which I have personally never seen. They gave very heartfelt gifts to the wedding party.

The Wedding Site

Saturday was the big day! The preparations started at mid-day. The boys got dressed and ready. I helped out with the shirt ironing! When everyone was dressed and ready, the boys headed off to the site. They setup a few things and then got to enjoy a drink before the ceremony. Everything seem to go off without a hitch. Frank, Justin, and Jennifer wrote the "script" for the wedding and it was truly beautiful. The reception and dinner were remarkable as well. Jennifer arranged for one of her cousins to watch Liam. So, Michael and I got to fully enjoy everything. Michael, Andy, Jennifer's dad and sisters all gave toasts that were wonderful, touching and a little embarrassing. Then, we got to eat a great meal and dance the night away. What a fantastic night with our best friends whom we have shared so many happy and sad moments with. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives.

The Bride & Groom

Us all dressed up!

The Three Amigos!

Us with the little man!

Our little charmer

Friday, September 16, 2011

CT Trip - Post 3

Well we are in East Windsor, CT.  We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express.  We arrived yesterday at about 5:45 pm eastern time.  In Dwyer style, we arrived just in time to head out the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

We enjoyed our hotel in Bedford, PA and we woke up yesterday refreshed and ready to tackle the remaining 8-9 hour drive.  The drive continued to be beautiful.  Michael expressed that he loves the mountains with English style towns nestled in the hillsides.  We saw many a lot of pretty scenery along the way including, beautiful churches, old houses along the road, and old railroad bridgees.  West Virginia had a lot of rolling hills, and Pennslyvania brought us into the bigger steeper mountains.  We have only taken a few pictures, and they are not very exciting, but I'll attach them at the end of this post.  Because we were both rested, Michael and I got to do a lot of talking about our families future.  It was a lot of fun, being silly and talking about whatever topics came to mind. 

Liam has been, and continues to be a doll baby.  He was so good in the car.  He slept most of the drive, and when he was awake he enjoyed playing with his "new" toys.  Those would be the ones that Mommy dug out of the baby tubs in the closet that used to belong to his other brothers and sister.  He also enjoyed many bottles and bowls of oatmeal & banans.  He really liked that Mommy and Daddy were sitting the back seat with him sometimes.  That doesn't happen very often, and he seemed to really eat up all of the attention.

So, we drove through the rest of Pennsylvania, New York, and Conneticut.  We arrived just in time to change and head out to the parites.  Michael and the boys went out to dinner in Hartford, CT (just about 15 minutes from East Windsor).  They ate at Trumball Kitchen, he got to eat mussels (a new found favorite).  I'm not really sure what all went on after that, but they retired to the hotel and finished up the party in Justin's hotel room.  The girls also went to a restaurant in downtown Hartford called Salute.  We had a bit of car trouble getting out there.  I drove with Justin's mother, Mary Margaret, and her sister, Marilyn.  We made it safely in our vehicle, after we gave up on getting their rental car to cooperate.  We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes late, but still in plenty of time to share a couple of hours with the girls.  We enjoyed a shared meal of salad, appetizers (I tried the calamari, Cora will be proud of her Mommy), pasta, and chicken.  We played a fun game and then I'm sure the party continued, but Liam and I returned to the hotel to put the little sweet baby to bed.

Here are the pictures....I'll try to take more today.

Louisville Lights - at about 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday

Wednesday Sunrise