Friday, September 30, 2011

CT Trip - Post 6 - NYC

From Attleboro to NYC was a 3.5 hour drive, we made good time.  We were actually surprised to arrive as quickly as we did.  Funny thing happened, I had input NY, NY into the GPS, so instead of taking us to Andy's apartment, it directed us to City Hall.  Michael was thrilled with me.  After a long phone call with Andy we made it to our destination.  Street parking was another funny story.  Michael and Andy ended up settling on a parking garage spot after over an hour of searching for a good street spot.  Andy was a great host, the apartment was beautiful.  We visited Central Park and Starbucks.  Here are just a few pics of our fast stop in the city.  I do have more, but they are on Michael's iPhone, I think we uploaded most of the good ones to Facebook.

This is Liam's, "I want out of this car seat", look

Nighttime view from Andy's apartment

What Liam felt like doing after he got out of the car seat

Awwww, what a cutie.  While Daddy and Andy where taking FOREVER
to look for a parking space, Liam and I had a photo shoot!

Another cool picture of the city

We ended up getting to be after 2 am, I woke up the next morning to what were apparently "normal" city noises.  Sirens, honks, etc.  We hung out at the apartment for awhile. I got brave and hit the streets of NYC to find a Starbucks.  Luckily, it was like 500 feet from Andy's apartment, so I didn't have to far.  I was very entertained by people watching while I was in very long line (by Springfield standards).  My favorite people watching memory is of a little blond haired French boy who was cleverly seeking out a site.  He charmed his way into snagging a table from a pretty lady who was getting ready to leave.  It was super cute.  After Starbucks, we headed out to Central Park for a stroll around.  We could have stayed there for hours.  The weather was perfect.  Unfortunately, we had to hit the road. We missed the kids, and were anxious to get home.  We had one more stop planned, Lima, Ohio.  Woo Hoo, Lima here we come. 

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