Monday, April 18, 2011

Liam's Smiling!

Last week we got a few small smiles.  Cora was the first to get a "real" smile.  She was very excited to be the first one to get a true happy reaction out of her baby brother.  She works so hard taking care of him, I'm not surprised at all.  Mommy and Grandma also got some smiles out of him last week, but we were never able to get the camera fast enough to snap some pictures.

Today was the first day that he truly had a few minutes of smiling.  It was long enough for Mommy to go grab her camera and snap a few pictures.  Another funny thing is, that the outfit he is wearing is the same one that George was wearing when he was six weeks old and smiling away on new year's eve 2007.  It must just be a happy outfit to wear. 

I'm feeling that smiles are my blessing of the day today!  They are truly heart-warming coming from such a sweet baby boy. 

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