Saturday, March 12, 2011

God's Plans for Us

Well, only three days into the blog and I am already running behind.  I'm not too surprised, I did think about what I needed to post yesterday, but things just got too crazy. 

For yesterday, I am thankful that God looks out for us, even if we make really bad choices.  He seems to move the puzzle pieces around and give us one more chance to do things the way he would like us to.  I don't want to go into specifics, but on a few occasions people in my life have made choices that, if God had not moved around the pieces, it could have ended their lives, one of those occurred yesterday.   I want to thank God for  watching over my 15 year old niece Astara, during this very difficult time in her life.  I pray that she can eventually see the beauty in life and love, and she can start putting all of her gifts to work. 

Yesterday's events also included us finding out that Liam may need some tests on his kidney and bladder.  As of 9:00 in the morning he had only had one wet diaper since birth.  They did some blood work and could see that he was dehydrated.  The doctor asked me to start supplementing nursing with 15-30 mls of formula to see if this helped.  He also needed to pee another time before she released us from the hospital.  So, we did as instructed.  He had a toddler sized pee filled diaper (after being tricked into starting to pee) at around 2:00.  His bloodwork at 4:00 showed improvement to his dehydration.  We were discharged from the hospital around 7:30 and home by 8:00.  We were told to keep supplementing and bring him back to the lab/dr today.  We are off to the doctor right now to see how little boy is doing. 

I'll be back later today to post some video and pics of our sweet Liam boy!

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