Thursday, March 10, 2011

Technology: A Blessing or a Curse

The last few days have been interesting with respect to technology.  Yesterday, during the birth we were praising the ability to keep so many of our friends and family informed by posting updates and pictures on Facebook.  We were able to post pictures with little trouble.  Today, however, I had trouble reaching simple websites, sending basic emails, and now posting items my newly created blog.  So, I am torn with this blessing that is sometimes a curse. 

Technology does so many things for my family on a daily basis that we take for granted.  For us, it is a huge source of our livelihood.  However, it is also a source of frustration for us that has to be kept under control.  We have actually instituted "technology free" time on Sundays.  After church, until dinner time on Sundays, no one in the family can play video games, use the computer, use Ipods, and we have limited use of our cell phones.  It has been great family building time that we are growing to love more and more. 

I am realizing that I need to be more thankful for it on a daily basis, because when it is unavailable or limited when I want it, it is terribly frustrating.  Furthermore, it is a blessing that we need to control so it doesn't consume our daily lives.

FYI: I am going to postpone my blog with pictures and videos until I am back at home with my fast wireless connection at home.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day.

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