Sunday, March 13, 2011

Liam's Arrival!

I'm excited to post some information, pictures, and videos of Liam's birth.  He has already been such a blessing.  He's an awesome baby, and is handling all of the love of a big family very well.  So, here goes....

After several weeks of anticipation, Liam decided to wait until the day I was scheduled to be induced to arrive.  We had a few false alarms, where I thought I was in labor, but Liam wanted to make things exciting for us.  We arrived at the hospital at 7:00 on Wednesday, March 9th.  I had to get a dose of antibiotics in as soon as possible to cover my GBS+, so they started my IV right away.  As soon as that was in place and my antibiotics were started, my doctor arrived to break my water.  At approx 8:20, he broke it, and started to give me an IV to start the contractions.  The nurse informed me that they knew I wanted an epidural and that they would need to let the anaesthesiologist know, and give me some fluids prior to getting the procedure. 

At around 9:30, I was having regular contractions and feeling just a little miserable.  I told the nurse I was feeling badly and I wanted to know when they were going to come for the epidural.  She had been waiting for me to tell her I was ready.  Confused, I nicely said, "did you need me to tell you I want it, I thought everyone knew." Her response was, "I'll get you on the list."  I said, "I really hope it is a short list."  I then told her that I was feeling pressure, she decided to check me, only after an hour I was dilated to a 6.  She stepped into action, and said she would let the anaesthesiology know right way that I needed it. 

He was in very quickly, and started the epidural.  After 25 minutes he was done, but I was still feeling even more miserable.  I told the nurse and she checked me again.  I was dilated to a 9.  So, she said they would start to ready the room for delivery.  About 10 minutes later, I told her I was feeling a lot of pressure.  She checked again and said my cervix was gone and she needed to call the doctor.  He got there in about 5 minutes and started the delivery at approx 10:20.  Liam was "sunny side up" as the doctor referred to it, so I had to push a little more than expected.  He came out at 10:41, happy and healthy. 

Then, came the fun part of introducing Liam to his brothers and sisters.  We had a special meeting of George and Liam.  George was the first sibling to meet little Liam.  He came to the hospital soon after we got into our hospital room.  He was so excited to meet his new baby brother.

and here's a little video, he does get a little distracted in the middle by the new video camera that Daddy is using, but the main part is all about his new baby.  Very cute!

Then, a little later Cora and Henry came to meet their new brother. 

We were all so excited for his arrival, he is even more precious than we could have ever imagined.  I am extremely blessed with all of my children.  They are the most amazing creations of love that I could ever imagine.  I'm so excited to have another baby to pour all of my heart into.

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