Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cheyenne's 14th B-day - 5/2

We celebrated our niece's birthday at Celebration Park.  Cheyenne is an amazing blessing.  She brings incredible joy to our family.   She is a beautiful, creative, smart, hard working, and funny young woman.  We had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday.  This year we went to our favorite park with all the kids.  My fondest memory of the park is Cheyenne as a pre-schooler climbing all over the playground equipment.  She has always been a little monkey! 

Cheyenne is a very talented and hard working artist, musical and artistic.  She has worked very hard this year to become an outstanding cello player.  After not playing for a few years, she jumped back into the game and practiced and practiced and practiced.  She has now become one of the best cello players in her school.  I love listening to her play.  For her birthday she asked for art supplies to work on creating some masterpiece paintings.  I can't wait to see what she creates.

The zombies were out at the park.  The girls were being very silly and were all acting goofy most of the day at the park.  They are all so much fun.  I can't believe they are all getting so big.  They are the craziest bunch of kids I can imagine. 

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