Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easter & Liam’s first trip to the farm – 4/21 thru 4/25

We started our Easter festivities on Thursday night with an Easter egg hunt and dinner at Grandma’s house.  We had to have an indoor egg hunt because it was raining.  We found some very interesting places to hide the eggs.

 Daddy's best hiding spot for the took the kids a long time to find these eggs.

This is a precious picture of Liam, I love his wrinkly forehead.

Liam also enjoyed his first trip to the farm.  We left on Friday and headed to the farm.  We enjoyed a nice weekend with Granny, Granddaddy, William, Will, Joey, Nancy, Patrick, Collin, Thomas, Uncle John, and Adrianne.  We really missed Cara, as she is off in Dubai, and we weren’t able to have the entire Dwyer family together, but we got close.

The Dwyer kids at the farm!

Liam's first Easter!

Liam's Little Lamb (also one of his nicknames)

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