Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cute Little Liam - May Update

During the month of May, Liam has grown and changed so much.  He had a doctor's appointment on May 16th.  He weighed in at 12 lbs 12 ounces and was 23 1/4 inches long.  At his doctor's appointment I heard him scream for the first time when he got his shots.  He was so mad about them.  He let out a very high pitch scream.  It was the first time I heard anything like it from my sweet little boy. 

This month, he has also started to coo, quietly of course, as he does everything quietly.  Every once in awhile he lets out a loud coo that startles himself and me.  He is also batting at toys, and following objects with his eyes.  He still has very blue eyes and he is starting to get more fuzzy hair.  He is also getting rather roly poly, as my Dwyer babies usually do.  His eyelashes are also thickening up.  I still can't tell who he resembles the most.  I see a lot of all of the kids in him.  His coloring and expressions are most like Cora.  When he is relaxed he looks a lot like Henry.  Then, I see pictures of George that look just like Liam.  I'm really puzzled  by this question.  My best answer is that he looks most like all of them!

Henry stealing a quick kiss from his baby brother.

Liam is a very well loved little boy.  He gets lots of cuddles, kisses, hugs, and held by his brothers, sister, and cousins.  He really doesn't know what to do when he is not being loved on.  What a great way to be raised, in the most loving environment I can imagine.  He's super happy, as long as no one is poking him with needles to give him vaccinations :-)

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