Thursday, June 2, 2011

LAD Fair, Spelling Bee, Math Art Awards, and Fitness Awards – 4/30

Cora participated in the spelling bee again this year.  This makes her fourth year in a row!  This year she made it through several rounds.  There were 27 fourth graders competing, and Cora got 11th place.  She got out on the word “license,”  Mommy can’t even spell that one without spell checker.  Also, she put in five LAD fair entries in other categories.  She got three first places and a second place, and an honorable mention, on those entries.  Henry put in a funny poem about Gracie that he got honorable mention.  If I remember, I’ll post the poem.  It is hilarious.  It refers to Gracie as lazy and “good for nothing.”  Typical Henry silliness coming out there.

Cora and Henry also got some Math Art awards.  Cora got a second place ribbon for an angel made out of triangles and Henry got 6th place for his multiple shape picture.

They both also got awards for physical fitness.  Henry got the National Fitness award and Cora got the Presidential Fitness award.  Cora was the only girl in her entire school to get in the top 15%.  Pretty awesome!  Not only are the kids smart and creative, but they are also extremely athletic. 

So many blessings all mixed up into small packages.

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