Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recorder Karate!

During the fourth grade, the kids at St. Joe's get the joy of learning to play an easy instrument.  It has been fun to watch Cora get her "black belt" in the recorder.  However, it has been a little painful to listen to the awesomely cheap instrument for the last few months.  Cora LOVES to practice, practice, practice.  In order to survive, Mommy had to put down a few rules to be sure that I didn't lose my mind.  The number one rule was, no practicing in the car.  As much as I love that Cora is learning to play her first wind instrument, I had to save my sanity.  I really couldn't handle driving while llistening to the car TV playing Looney Tunes, the kids fighting, and the delightful sounds of the recorder, all at the same time.  So, Mommy had to be mean and say, "no practicing in the car."  Cora was very understanding, most often she would practice in her bedroom downstairs.  She is so accommodating!  All of the pain was well worth is to see the joy Cora got when she earned her black belt in Recorder Karate.  Also, when you put together three part harmony in the recorder, it actually doesn't sound too bad.  The concert at St. Joe's was very entertaining.  We love you Cora, and your awesome musical talent on the recorder.

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