Sunday, June 5, 2011

Henry's First Communion - 5/8 & 5/15

Henry celebrated his first communion this spring.  He has worked hard all year in preparing for this special day.  In addition to the preparations in his second grade class at St. Joseph Catholic Academy, he has been attending the PSR (parish school of religion) classes.  He had his first reconciliation during advent.  We learned a lot about the sacraments of reconciliation and Eucharist this year.  Henry worked hard to learn about these great gifts from God.  We had a special celebration with the family on May 8th for him to receive his first communion.  The next weekend, on May 15th, we had the formal celebration with this PSR classmates.  For these special days, I have LOTS of pictures.  Henry is so photogenic, that I can't resist posting all of these great pics. 

Henry posing for a picture outside the church.

Henry with his banner that he made at PSR with his Daddy.

 Henry was so cute in church the day of his first communion.  It appeared that he was listening to every word the priest said, and he watched the preparation of the communion so intensely.  I couldn't help but chuckle to myself, he was so well behaved and cute sitting up the front pew staring at the priest's every move.

Henry with his Godmother, Auntie Shelley, and Godfather, Uncle John.

\The whole crew celebrating with Henry.

Uncle John got Henry a really cool gift, it was a tiniest bible.  Here is a pic of Michael reading some of the tiny text.  It was fun to see who's eye sight was good enough to ready the tiny bible text.
 Henry also got a St. Michael statue.  His Daddy also got a similar statue on his first communion.  After Henry's celebration, he proudly displayed all of his cards and gifts on his bookcase over his bed. 

Here are some pics from Henry's formal celebration on May 15th with all of the other children from St. Joe's

It has been great to watch Henry grow this year with his first reconciliation and first communion.  I think he really understands what a blessing it is to receive these gifts.  I thank God all the time for sharing Henry with us.  He is such a precious boy.

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