Sunday, June 5, 2011

Field Day - 5/26

Once again, I was blessed to be able to help out with the kid's Field Day.  This year it was indoors at the newly built parish hall, because the weather was cold and rainy.  The kids had a lot of fun doing minute to win it activities with teams.  Cora was on the Yellow Spider Monkeys team and Henry was on the Green Leprechauns.  They competed many team and individual activities that had to be completed in one minute or less and some relay races.  The teams earned coins for the activities they completed in under a minute.  The team with the most coins won.  It was close, but the Yellow Spider Monkeys were the winners. 

Who knew pulling Kleenex's out of the box could be so much fun!

Cora and Gracie, the mummy!

Henry was a pro at getting the marble in the small black square on the racket.

This was the greatest competition of all, they had to try to
get the Oreo into their mouth only using their face muscles.

After the minute to win it competition, there were some relay races.  In the pictures below, the kids had to carry a ball between their legs and drop it into a hula hoop at the end of the gym.  It made for some funny pictures. 

After the team competition, we ate a delicious hot dog, hamburger, chip, and snack cake lunch.  We watched a great volleyball game (in which Astara participated) between the 8th graders and the St. Joe's teachers.  The 8th graders tried hard, but they were defeated  by the teachers.  Next up was booth play.  They kids got to move between different games and activities like, hillbilly horseshoe, bean bag bowling, nail painting, face painting and soda pop ring toss. 

Here's Henry all done up nicely!

It was a fun day!  I was happy and honored to be able to be there and enjoy the day with the kids.  I love days like this!

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